what happened?

I had kind of a meltdown last week and did what I’ve been threatening myself I would do for a while.  I deleted my blog.

Two horrible, terrible days. There was drama at home, no need to go into that. There was no tumblr to distract me. 

Drama was dealt with. Things were resolved. Tumblr restored.

With changes. When I deleted I had 437 followers and I was following over 300 blogs. I’m now following 20 and have 7 followers. I’m trying to remember who I followed, If you have suggestions, please make them.  It took me two years to get to that place.

Another change is that this blog will now be PG-13.  I may post artistic nudes, but that is all the NSFW I will post here.  Hubs and I have the porn stuff on a shared blog.  If you are interested, just ask, I’ll give you the URL. 

It was a horrible two days, but I am better for it.